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App InformationDetails
CompatibilityWindows, iOS, Android devices
Release Date2014
In-App PurchasesIt’s completely free
Official WebsiteLoklok.com
Available on Google play


Loklok Apk is a streaming app. that is popular content on this app. You can watch the latest and popular movies, animations live, anime, k-dramas, and TV shows. You can find buttons easily and Easy to use this app. Subtitles are in multiple languages watch HD 4k high-Quality and smooth playback. Excellent performance and entertainment content available on this app. 

What is Loklok?

Loklok is a streaming app that offers a wide range of entertainment content. Users can access movies, TV shows, anime, and dramas from various genres. With a diverse collection, Loklok aims to provide an enjoyable and immersive streaming experience.

Features of Loklok app


Support to quickly find the videos you want to watch through the recommendation, viewing history, favorite videos, and search functions..

Watch Together

The app offers a feature called “Watch Together,” allowing users to watch their favorite movies and series with friends, even when they are apart

Free Movies and Series

Users can access a wide range
of movies and series without any subscription fee

Offline Mode

You may download video material of your choosing to view when you have free time whenever you have internet connection. Save your favorite stuff to your watch list and watch it with your friends later.

Unlocked Premium Features

  1. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted viewing without any ads appearing on the screen while using the app.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Improved speed and reduced lag for smoother navigation and streaming of movies and TV shows.
  3. Account Stability: Eliminate the issue of being logged out frequently, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.
  4. Accurate Subtitles: Fix the problem with subtitles not appearing or being blocked by other on-screen elements, ensuring accurate translations for non-native language content.
  5. Dark Mode Theme: Introduce a dark mode option for comfortable viewing in low-light environments and to save battery life.
  6. Improved Downloading: Enhance the download functionality by allowing multiple episodes or movies to be downloaded simultaneously and eliminate interruptions or failed downloads.
  7. Optimize Ad Placement: Reduce the frequency of ads and implement a more balanced approach, ensuring a better viewing experience with fewer interruptions.

How to Use Loklok?

  1. open loklok app.
  2. Click on what you want to see.
  3. watch and enjoy,
How to use loklok loklokapkapp.com

How to Download and Install Loklok Apk?

  1. Download Loklok APK: Visit the [loklokapkapp.com] to download the APK file.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: Before installing the APK, ensure that your device allows installations from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.
  3. Install Loklok APK: Locate the downloaded APK file and tap on it to start the installation process.
  4. Open the App: Once the installation is complete, open the Loklok app on your device.
  5. Explore and Enjoy: Browse through the vast collection of movies, TV shows, anime, and dramas, and select the content you want to watch. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite entertainment.
How to download loklok apk loklok apk loklokapkapp.com
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Pros and Cons of Loklok

Wide selection of movies, series, and dramas available.Excessive ads, including ads that appear when pausing or before downloading content.
Ability to watch movies and series for free.Laggy and slow performance, including issues with app crashing or exiting unexpectedly.
Watch Together feature allows users to watch content with friends remotely.Subtitle issues, such as incorrect translations or blocking important dialogue.
Creative and impressive app design.Limited download options, including only being able to download one episode at a time or download failures.
Some users appreciate the quality of the content provided.Lack of variety in the content library, missing some favorite movies or series.
Older version of the app was preferred by some users.No dark mode theme available.
Vast library of movies, TV shows, anime, and dramasProblems with app logouts and inaccurate Wi-Fi connection warnings.
User-friendly interface for easy navigationSome users reported encountering inappropriate ads or being redirected to unwanted websites.
High-quality streaming with options for different resolutionsIssues with app updates, including features being removed or replaced with less user-friendly options.

User Interface (UI)

Home> recommend for you all popular movies, animations live, anime, k-dramas, and TV shows.

Live> A feature for streaming and comment on it with friends

Explore> All the items you want to find in it.

Me> Offline, Library, History, and others functions on this tab

User Experience(UX)

Ad Optimization

We understand that ads can be disruptive. We have reduced the frequency of ads during pause and before each episode/movie.
Ads will now appear at a reasonable interval of 1-2 movies or episodes, allowing for a more uninterrupted viewing experience.

Dark Mode and Lower Resolution Options

Our developers are working on implementing a dark mode theme to enhance visibility and reduce eye strain. Additionally, lower resolution options (e.g., 144p, 240p) for outdoor viewing are in progress, conserving data and extending watch time.

Performance Enhancements

We have optimized the app to address lagging and crashing issues. The new update ensures smoother navigation and faster loading times, enhancing your overall experience.

Enhanced Download Functionality

We have addressed the download issues reported by our users. You can now download multiple episodes without interruptions and experience faster download speeds.

Account Stability

We have resolved the issue of frequent logouts from user accounts. You can now enjoy seamless access to your personalized content without any interruptions.

Subtitle Improvements

Our team is actively working on fixing subtitle issues where they overlap with on-screen texts. This will ensure a better viewing experience, allowing you to follow the dialogue more accurately.

Issues and Solutions of Loklok App

Excessive AdsOptimize Ad Frequency: Reduce the frequency of ads by implementing a more balanced ad placement strategy. Consider placing ads every 1-2 movies or episodes instead of showing them after every pause or episode switch.
App Crashes and LagImprove App Stability: Address the app crashes and lag issues to provide a smoother user experience. Optimize the app’s performance and stability to prevent frequent crashes and ensure seamless navigation and content playback.
Account LogoutPersistent Account Login: Resolve the issue of users being logged out frequently by implementing a persistent login feature. This will allow users to stay logged in to their accounts even after closing the app or restarting their devices.
Incorrect SubtitlesEnhance Subtitle Functionality: Improve the accuracy of subtitles and address the issue of them focusing on on-screen texts instead of the dialogue. Ensure that subtitles are displayed correctly and are not blocked by other elements on the screen.
Limited Download FunctionalityEnhance Download Functionality: Allow users to download multiple episodes or movies simultaneously, and ensure that the download process is smooth and reliable. Minimize download failures and restarts to provide a better downloading experience.
Missing ContentContent Management: Communicate with users regarding any removal of content from the app. Provide prior notice or notifications when movies, series, or episodes are going to be removed. Consider expanding the content library to include a wider range of movies and series.

Older version of Loklok app

LokLok v1.0 (2014)LokLok v2.0 (2015)
LokLok v3.0 (2016)LokLok v4.0 (2017)
LokLok v5.0 (2018)LokLok v6.0 (2019)
LokLok v7.0 (2020)LokLok v8.0 (2021)

Safety And Legality 

The Loklok app provides free access to movies and series, but users have reported several safety and legality concerns. Many users have complained about excessive ads, with ads appearing when pausing or transitioning to the next episode/movie. Some users have also mentioned encountering inappropriate or misleading ads. Another issue is the frequent logouts from user accounts, causing inconvenience and frustration. Additionally, there are reports of slow and laggy performance, random app crashes, and problems with downloading content, including interrupted downloads and slow speeds. Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with inaccurate subtitles and translations. Overall, these issues need to be addressed to ensure a better user experience and maintain the app’s safety and legality.


Q 1: What is LokLok APK?

A: LokLok APK is a mobile app that transforms your lock screen into a collaborative canvas for sharing doodles, messages, and images.

Q 2: Is LokLok APK legal?

A: Yes, LokLok APK is a legal app available for download from official app stores and the LokLok website.

Q 3: Can I download LokLok APK for Android TV?

A: Yes, you can download LokLok APK for Android TV and enjoy the collaborative lock screen experience on your television.

Q 4: Is there a modded version of LokLok APK available with no ads?

A: Yes, you can find modded versions of LokLok APK that offer an ad-free experience. However, be cautious when downloading from unofficial sources.

Q 5: How can I download LokLok APK for iOS devices?

A: LokLok APK is currently available only for Android devices, and an iOS version is not yet available.

Q 6: Can I use LokLok APK on my PC?

A: LokLok APK is primarily designed for mobile devices and may not have official support for PC. However, you can use Android emulators to run the app on your computer.

Q 7: How to I download video’s from Loklok

A: Download video in three steps

  • click on video what you want to download
  • press the download icon and go to profile
  • click the download and show all downloads

Disclaimer: This is not an Official website. We have no association with Loklok, All Credit is the Right of original App developers.

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